Valentina (la_elly) wrote,

Fran <3

Title: Fran
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Characters: Fran XD
Rating: PG13? (it's all Fran's outfit fault!)
Author's note: My Franny fanart :) Hope you like it :o

PS: my LJ was too empty, I wanted to put on something XD
And, yes, I'm still at work... >_> Lol!
Tags: fanart, final fantasy xii, fran
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ciau! ho visto il tuo sito e mi è davvero piaciuto.
quasi quasi ti addo. anzi, l'ho già fatto.
Gorgeous piece of work, honey. I'm in awe~ :O
thank you!!! I'm glad u like it :D
I come hopping from a random rec journal - just wanted to say, mmm, really pretty! That's some skill and lineart going there! 8D