July 11th, 2007


New layout and new fanart *_*

Ok, I know it's pointless to write in a LJ noone'll ever read (and no, I'm not disappointed about that... that's not the reason I made an account here in the first place, so... :P), but I feel like posting è_é
And, yes, I'm a n00b and I have to try how to make a LJcut, since I'm gonna post my fanart in balthier_ashe community, and I don't want to make a mess XD
So, well... talking about the fanart... 


Title: Strahl bumper stickers #01 (?)
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Characters: Balthier and Fran
Rating: err... PG13? (just for a stupid word on a sticker >_> idk XD)
Author's note: I totally stole the idea from astrangerenters in some topic of the balthier_ashe community!

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I have a new layout, too *_* Thanks to appleleaf ^^

Kisses :*