June 7th, 2007


Still getting used to LJ...

Ok, I'm still trying to fully understand how everything works here... @_@
And, since I can't stand horrible&default things, one of the first thing I'll do is making a layout on my own, one of these days ^^

Well, I'm at work and I'm not supposed doing this, so I guess I'll just stop XD

Love you all (expecially all the people in the balthier_ashe community, even if they don't know me at all, lol :P)

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Fran <3

Title: Fran
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Characters: Fran XD
Rating: PG13? (it's all Fran's outfit fault!)
Author's note: My Franny fanart :) Hope you like it :o

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PS: my LJ was too empty, I wanted to put on something XD
And, yes, I'm still at work... >_> Lol!